The Getting On photographic exhibition features ten stunning portraits of people who shared their stories and reflections on living well and growing old for the book, Getting On: Living Life and Growing Old. Carefully selected extracts from candid conversations on growing older accompany each image. The exhibition highlights the hopes, fears, frustrations and joys of those approaching old age or those living through it.

The Getting On exhibition is available to loan free of charge to museums, galleries and community venues throughout Hampshire. It needs four to eight metres of wall hanging space width-ways, and it is fixed to the wall with adhesive-backed velcro. It comes with a roll-up banner promoting the book and 32 copies to give out to the public. The panels are transported in two A1 and three A3 carry cases. They are lightweight and fit easily into any sized car. Email Padmini to make a booking or find out more.

Below: Interviewee Gordon attends the 'Getting On' book launch and exhibition with daughter and grand-daughter at The Allen Gallery in Alton, July 2016.

Bringing the generations together to explore the changing of ageing