Information Adviser

Hours: By arrangement
Training: Full induction, ongoing support and training including monthly update meetings
Expenses: Volunteers receive travel and out-of-pocket expenses
Insurance: Volunteers are covered by public liability, personal accident, employers’ liability and professional indemnity insurance.
Review: Following an introductory period of six weeks, a review will take place with the Information & Advice Manager to ensure both parties are satisfied with the working arrangements.

Role purpose
To provide information and advice to older people and their carers by telephone and personal contact at Town Mill House, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1BL

The Role involves:

  • Exploring the nature of the problem raised by the person and, where appropriate, their wider circumstances.
  • Identifying and researching information relevant to the users’ situation, drawing on information resources available, including the internet.
  • Presenting and discussing information with the client in an accessible form, enabling them to identify a suitable solution.
  • Where appropriate and at the client’s request, to act on their behalf and represent their interests with third parties by letter, telephone or in person.
  • Informing people about services that may be available to them and how to access them, including Age Concern services; and where appropriate to refer people to other agencies and sources of help.
  • Giving help with letter writing and completing forms
  • Recording all enquiries in full, including clients’ post code and contact details, in order that accurate statistical records can be maintained.
  • Liaising closely with the Manager and other Information Advisers and Reception/Information Assistants, seeking advice, guidance and support where required.
  • Where appropriate, working with other relevant local agencies in developing information and advice services.
  • Participating in training sessions and meetings as necessary.
  • Developing a working knowledge of the information and office systems supporting the service; using them effectively and contributing to their improvement.
  • Keeping up-to-date with relevant laws, policies and procedures – locally and nationally.
  • Carrying out tasks according to Age Concern policies and standards, in particular on confidentiality, anti-discriminatory policies and health and safety.
  • Working as part of a team with other Age Concern staff.

Person Specification:
Skills and abilities required from an Information Adviser include:-

  • Ability to assimilate and understand information by listening and reading; and to use the telephone.
  • Ability to communicate complex information to others, so that it is understood.
  • Ability to use the telephone and to write legible and easily understood notes and letters; to fill in forms and carry out basic calculations.
  • Ability to search the internet, complete enquiry records on-line and send emails.
  • Willingness to work according to guidelines and standards and to take a flexible approach to work requirements.
  • An open-minded, non-judgemental approach to both clients and colleagues, avoiding stereotyping.
  • Ability to listen to others and to explain things clearly, without jargon or being patronising.
  • Ability to identify problems and solutions in meeting the needs of the users.
  • Awareness of discriminatory practices and equal opportunities issues, and a commitment to social justice and equality.
  • Ability to work as part of a team and to work with other Age Concern Hampshire staff and other agencies, including Age Concern groups, and to seek and offer support.
  • Willingness and interest in learning.
  • Willingness to attend training and other events and to work a minimum of one half day a week.

If you would be interested in becoming an I&A volunteer please contact us on 01962 868545 or complete the Application Form - please send to

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