Activity Centre Job Description:

Our volunteers help run our Activity Centres which offer local people an enjoyable day out, with games, activities, refreshments, a good chat and the chance to make friends. Volunteers at our centres help with a variety of tasks including organising quizzes and calling a game of bingo; most importantly they make a decent cuppa and are friendly and helpful to older people. We have centres all over Basingstoke, and take our clients on outings in the summer and at Christmas. Some of our activity centres also offer lunch.

Café Job Description:

We have volunteers in the kitchen who help prepare our breakfast and lunch menus, then shop for and prepare meals for our clients. Kitchen volunteers are required to have a Food Hygiene Certificate. Tea and coffee is served all morning from 10.30 to 1pm.

We also have 'Tea and Company' volunteers, who talk to anyone who has come on their own, or would like company at the café. These volunteers are also on hand to pass on queries to our Information and Advice Team, if a client has any questions, or needs advice.

If you are interested in either of the above volunteering options, contact or complete an application form and email to the same address.

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