Wellbeing Centre Volunteer
Voluntary staff are accountable to the Centre Manager, who, in turn, is responsible to the Area Manager.

Age Concern Hampshire’s Expectations of the Voluntary Helper
It is expected that the helper will attend the Centre at times to be agreed with the Manager. She/he will be encouraged to use their own initiative and to bring some of their own ideas for the benefit of the clients, provided that prior agreement has been obtained from the Manager as to the suitability of the activity.
If in the event of illness, or for any other reason the helper is prevented from attending the Centre, it is essential that early notice is given so that alternative arrangements can be made. The helper will be expected to have patience tempered with kindness, a special understanding of the needs of older people and must be prepared to work as part of a team.

Examples of how volunteers can help in day care centres
• Assisting with various therapeutic activities, i.e. word games, craft, exercises to music.
• Leading small groups with board games, crosswords, etc.
• Taking minutes at Support Group meetings.
• To provide a listening ear and chat with clients especially those who are new to the Day Care Centre.
• Passenger assistant on transport conveying clients to and from the Centre (specific training must be undertaken and regularly updated).
• Driver on transport conveying clients to and from the Centre (specific training must be undertaken and regularly updated).
• Preparation for lunch and washing up, helping with refreshments.
Helpers may choose to do any or all of these tasks, but it will be necessary to clarify the range of tasks to be undertaken by each volunteer with the Day Care Centre Manager and helper’s capability under discretion of Day Care Centre Manager.

Induction Review
The first month will be devoted to becoming familiar with the routines of the Centre. This will be followed by a discussion with the volunteer by the Day Care Centre Manager to review progress and clarify any issues.

Training and Support
In view of the particular demands placed upon the voluntary staff by the clients, training sessions will be organised from time to time. All Volunteer Staff will be expected to attend those sessions appropriate to their role. Some are essential before certain tasks are carried out, e.g. moving and handling for Passenger Assistants.

Regular staff meetings will take place in a group as well as on an individual basis.

Holidays or Other Rest Breaks
The Manager must be informed in good time when volunteers are unable to attend the Centre.

Out of Pocket Expenses
Travel expenses may be claimed monthly on the appropriate form – please check with the Manager.

All volunteers will be covered by appropriate Age Concern insurance – please see the Manager for details.

If you would be interested in becoming a volunteer at one of our Wellbeing Centres please contact the centre direct or ring our HQ on our Freephone 0800 328 7154.

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