The charity is seeking new Trustees to share the work of the Board and its subcommittees, to build expertise in existing and projected areas of work and to support its current programme of transformational change. Trustees act as Directors of the Age Concern Hampshire Corporate Trustee.

In that capacity directors are expected to acquire an understanding of the aims of the charity, and a passion and commitment to its vision and purpose in supporting the interests the lives of our beneficiaries. This will entail the ability to work as a team with fellow directors to ensure the charity is focused on a clear vision, mission and strategic direction. Useful attributes will include a track record of leadership in the voluntary, public or commercial sectors and a willingness and ability to draw on professional and personal networks to support the charity’s fundraising aims and plans.

At this time we are particularly seeking professional or other experience relating to::

  • Fundraising, particularly in grants applications, legacies and donations (current or former fundraising experience, familiarity with current fundraising legislation and guidelines; particularly professional work in this field, Membership of the Institute of Fundraising or completion of the fundraising diploma or the previous qualification MinstF (Cert)
  • Marketing and media - including social media
  • Legal - including contract and company law
  • Transformational change
  • We would also welcome applicants with interest, skills or professional background in:

  • Use of technology in the community support of vulnerable people
  • Innovative use of technology in social care
  • HR, including volunteer support and recruitment- HR – Particularly HR background, CIPD qualified, senior roles, awareness of current HR processes and legislation; Volunteer management and experience

    Trustees play an essential role in the governance of the charity and its future development. While retaining total responsibility for the conduct of Age Concern Hampshire’s affairs, Trustees delegate functions to the Chief Executive and senior staff.

    Like many charities ACH is registered as a company of which the Trustees are Directors. This structure limits the liabilities of Trustees but as directors they have legal responsibilities for good governance and financial stewardship. Trustees will contribute actively to the Board in giving firm strategic direction to the charity, setting overall policy, defining goals and setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets. Each Trustee uses the specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to help the Board reach sound decisions. This may involve:

    • Scrutiny of papers and reports brought to the Board for consideration Leading discussions
    • Focusing on key issues
    • Providing guidance on new initiatives
    • Providing guidance in areas in which the trustee has special expertise
    • Involvement in setting the budget
    • Contributing to the income generation and fundraising strategies of the organisation

    If you would be interested in becoming a trustee, and would like more information please contact us on 01962 868545 or send a completed Application Form to

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