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Volunteers needed, to enrich the lives of older people in Hampshire


Age Concern Hampshire is an independent charity dedicated to helping older people so they can continue living independently. Specialist care at their Care and Wellbeing Centres and support through other services, ensures clients, caregivers and family have access to support so they can achieve the very best quality of life.  

The dedication and generosity of volunteers, has proven to significantly enhance the support and activities provided at their centres and groups, offering a wider array of activities that cater to specific needs and interests. This can help individuals discover new hobbies or rekindle old passions, and enjoy engaging activities such as gentle exercise, music classes to crafting and interactive sessions. 
Brogan Rehill, Fundraising Manager at Age Concern Hampshire said “The support we provide to clients and their carers would not be possible with our incredible team of dedicated and passionate volunteers. Many of our volunteers have been supporting us for many years, and enjoy the social benefits, as well as enjoyment and fulfilment volunteering brings.”  

To better support the needs of older people in the community, Age Concern Hampshire are urging for more volunteers to support them across their services. Additional support from volunteers brings a diverse range of skills, experiences, and knowledge. Volunteering can be very rewarding, with volunteers complementing the work of the trained staff by offering unique perspectives and talents.  

Volunteer opportunities are available at their Care and Wellbeing centres in Dibden, Yateley, Locks Heath, and New Milton, making a significant impact on local communities. Additional volunteer support is also needed across their other services, including the community information service, Basingstoke Wellbeing groups, form-filling, and foot clinics.  

For those that want to join the board, get involved and actively engage in addressing the forthcoming challenges to charity, Trustee roles are also available. Research shows Volunteers feel they benefit from their volunteering in a number of ways, with enjoyment being the highest rated at 93%.   

With volunteering offering a meaningful impact to communities and enriching the lives of individuals who rely on these services, support is vital. Volunteering allows Age Concern Hampshire to continue delivering valuable support, provide a wide range of engaging activities and offer essential services. To find out more and learn how you can support the charity through volunteering, please contact Age Concern Hampshire by calling 01962 868545. 

Founded in 1985, Age Concern Hampshire provide services to the older community of Hampshire. The charity currently deliver support at their Care & Wellbeing centres throughout the county, as well as Help at Home, Information via our Information Hub, Foot care clinics, Hospital to Home Services, Community Information Volunteer Services and a variety of other activities.  

Volunteer Testimonial

Two years ago, I had a mental health crisis that led me to leave my job to concentrate on looking after myself. My confidence was shattered, I felt like my whole world had just fallen apart and I was left there trying to pick up the pieces.

Six months after I left my job, I bumped into a friend who ran a social group with Age Concern. She asked me to come along and see what they do. It didn’t take much persuading for me to come back the following week and now I’ve been volunteering for eighteen months.

The social groups we run are so simple in their concept but so affective at reducing loneliness, providing signposting to other services and providing a warm and safe space for them to enjoy themselves. It gives me a great sense of achievement every time one of our clients smiles, especially when you know that they rarely see family and friends. The work we do genuinely helps people. We really do make a difference and I feel very privileged to be able to be a part of that difference.

Age Concern really supported me in my recovery, never putting too much on me and always being kind and respectful of my own issues. The opportunities to further develop my skills has been enormous. I’ve been able to complete training on subjects such as emergency first aid and cancer awareness.

Two years ago, during a very low point in my life, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever work again, but volunteering really does build your confidence and gives you skills that you can’t get doing anything else. My managers and co-volunteers have nurtured me to the point where I’m running my own social group, helping to make people’s lives better and enjoying it at the same time. My experience with Age Concern has been so uplifting that I now feel confident enough to return to work.


For more information, visit: 

Age Concern Hampshire
Centre Way 
Locks Heath 
SO31 6DX 

Tel: 01962 868545